The dog in the picture - named Luna after her death - had been raped and killed in Turkey in March 2011.There is nothing strange about finding a raped dog in Turkey. The rape took place right behind the building of the Sincan Municipality in Ankara.A few meters away from a building constantly surveiled by security, a dog is being raped, her screams are loud, can be heard from the distance. But nobody did anything…PLEASE SIGN PETITIONS AND SHARE POST..Barbie Bestiality is legal in the following European countriesDenmarkLegal. A 2006 bid by the Danish People’s Party to outlaw bestiality failed after the a report by the Danish Animal Ethics Council determined that existing laws were sufficient protection against abuse.FinlandLegal, as long as no physical harm is made to the animal; formerly illegal but made legal in 1971. Making and importing zoophilia pornography is legal, any trading is illegal.GermanyLegal. Sex with animals is not specifically outlawed (but trading pornography showing it is, cf.). In West Germany, the law making it a crime (§175b StGB) was removed in 1969. East Germany before reunification had no law against bestiality; zoophilia pornography, however, was very restricted. Certain barriers are set by the Animal Protection Law (Tierschutzgesetz).UPDATE: Thursday 13 December, 2012, the Bundestag passed a tough new law against bestiality, which includes fines of up to 25,000 euros. The law, which is expected to be confirmed in February, is part of a trend that moves beyond Biblically rooted strictures against the “abomination” of the act to focus instead on the perceived damage to the animal (The Globe and Mail)HungaryLegal, as long as no physical harm is made to the animal.SwedenLegal. It was formerly illegal, but made legal in 1944. A 2005 report by the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency for the Swedish government expressed strong concerns over the increase in reports of horse-ripping incidents, although noting that “the rise in documented cases did not necessarily mean that there was a de facto increase”, and distinguished zoophilia activity from incidents involving physical injury (zoosadism). The Animal Welfare Agency gave as its opinion that current animal cruelty legislation needed updating as it was not sufficiently protecting animals from abuse, but concluded that on balance it was not appropriate to call for a ban.On the Animal Abuse Data Base there are currently 121 cases listed BELOW:
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The rescue pugs are down to their last dollars in the puggy bank so if you have a spare $5 that you might have to punt on the Melbourne Cup today put it to a much better use and help improve the lives of rescue pugs!! Now that has to be a sure thing!!If you are having a Melbourne Cup BBQ why not take up a collection.
WestpacPUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIABSB: 033372Account Number: 393694Cheques made payable to PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. Post to PO Box 4802, Knox City Centre, 3152, Victoria.Thank you!!!- All donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you require a receipt please contact us with your transaction details.

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My dogs have been vegan since May <3




i feel bad for 5’11 boys like u were so close. u almost made it.

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